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Animals are here with us, not for us.
Anonymous asked: Why don't you 'condone quick fix diets'?



Imagine I hand you a leash and say, “Take care of this animal for me.” 

I walk away and you have no idea when I’m coming back. 

What’s the first thing you do? 


What kind of animal is this? Where does it live? How much water does it need? Climate? Do I need to walk it? Does it fly? Is it ill? 

What does it eat? 

Imagine you don’t do research. Imagine you feel it a steady supply of Doritos, grass, and Mountain Dew. 

And it grows ill. 

Why? Because it wasn’t cared for properly. You accidentally deprived it of calories. You accidentally deprived it of sunlight, vitamins, minerals. 

Did you mean to hurt it? 

Absolutely not.

But here it is, lethargic, faint, and pale.

I feel like humans are the very same way. We are animals that require research. You want to optimize the way your body functions? Learn about it. Take classes, read books, watch documentaries. Quick fix diets without professional advice or supervision leave no room for research. Often they make flashy claims or deprive you of substances your body needs to function. 

Your ‘quick fix diet’ takes as long as it should take to research and ready yourself for a lifestyle change. 

The sooner we accept that, the sooner you can get started. 

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